Yoga Squirrel and Focus Coaching join forces towards wellbeing through... @fat_man_versus_yoga

When Yoga Squirrel and @fat_man_versus_yoga at Focus Coaching come together to be a force to be reckoned with!

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The shortest yoga blog post ever...

A warm hello and welcome to my new yoga blog! As the title suggests, I won't keep you long today, I'm just here to announce the fact that more will be on its way. 

I'm working on my first 'official' blog post (after this one) titled 'Lessons from year one (...and a bit) teaching yoga - an honest account'... to give you a tasty snippet of what's coming up soon!

So that's all folks, stay tuned. I told you it was short.

Here's a picture of a bare-footed monk walking through rose petals for you to look at...

monk-low res.jpg