Weekly adult yoga - Wednesday evenings
4:15-5:45pm and 6:15-7:45pm

90-minute hatha yoga for adult beginners and improvers. Posture work followed by breathing and relaxation. A focus on working within individual abilities, aiming to make yoga accessible for all ages, agilities and body shapes. A tranquil, nurturing environment where students are encouraged to explore and develop at their own pace.

Additional classes coming soon in Broughton Astley…

I’m excited to announce I’ll be teaching two NEW 1-hour adult hatha yoga classes a week at the exciting new Broughton Astley Leisure Centre. Stay tuned for announcements as to the start dates and times. Click here for progress updates on the new build!

While yoga is generally low-impact and safe to practice for most people, bringing many health and wellbeing benefits, please note that no form of physical activity is without risk. Those who aren't used to a regular workout routine or who have specific health conditions should check with a doctor or appropriate health professional before starting a new exercise regime or yoga class. This is particularly important if you have any existing medical conditions, if you are pregnant or are taking medication. It is important to take responsibility for you own body, without comparing yourself to other people in class or pushing past your own physical limitations to ensure an enjoyable, safe and beneficial experience.

If you are pregnant and are new to yoga, I would recommend a yoga class specifically tailored to pregnancy. Yoga can be highly beneficial during pregnancy and is often recommended to expecting mothers, but I strongly advise finding a class specifically for your needs during your pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Unfortunately, I do not take new students into class who are pregnant unless they have been practicing with me for a minimum of a year. This is not meant to offend, your health and safety is my priority!

Photography by Dan Collins @ Third Avenue Photographer

Photography by Dan Collins @ Third Avenue Photographer